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Shadrach Kerwillain


Shadrach grew up in Liberia on a picturesque peninsula surrounded by a lush mangrove forest, from which he can trace his fascination for the natural world. A conservation practitioner, with a bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Liberia and an MPhil in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge, he has more than a decade of experience with biodiversity conservation and environmental issues. His professional experience includes working on protected area management, transboundary conservation issues, forest governance, climate change, community-based natural resource management, behaviour change communication, conflict mitigation, and capacity development. In his capacity as Landscape Manager for Fauna & Flora International, working primarily in southeastern Liberia, Shadrach has engaged with the government, rural communities, and private sector actors to promote the adoption of sustainable landscape management practices. His research interest lies in the intricacies of balancing conservation and development through practical solutions that work for people and the environment. He is committed to environmental sustainability within a paradigm that acknowledges human needs as essential for long-term success.